Billboard: When Will I See You Again is ‘Fabulously Intriguing’

Nytrix’s new track and music video featuring Neon Hitch premiered today with a rave review from Billboard! Watch “When Will I See You Again” below or purchase here.

“A few tricks up a sleeve, a few cool dance moves. It’s a fabulously intriguing visual to what, by all other assessments, is a song about love and endearment,” writes Billboard contributor Kat Bein. “Maybe Neon Hitch’s candy-coated words are only a bait and switch? When the beat bangs like this, who cares?”

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Neon’s debut album Anarchy hit iTunes in July and has since been followed by features with Borgeous, Kid Arkade, and now Nytrix. Next up: a track called “No Warning” with Jason Parris and My Buddy Mike drops Friday, October 28th.