POPULOVE: Neon Hitch is a Triple Threat on ‘Please’

Thank you to Tim at POPULOVE.net for this killer review of my new single. Anarchy is just right around the corner, fellas!

On “Please,” Neon admits her insecurities and begs for understanding. “All I need, need is you to love me. Love me for who I am,” she sings on the track, which she wrote and produced herself. “Please, please, please, please don’t judge me,” she pleads.

Knowing Neon, “Please” is likely symbolic of her persona on the new album. Fans will appreciate Neon’s freedom-loving lyrics and trademark vocals, but Anarchy is guaranteed to introduce listeners new and old to a more dimensional artist than can be seen in a single or EP.

Can Anarchy appeal to the average pop radio listener? It’s hard to tell from such a personal lead single, but that’s alright. Neon Hitch has never been predictable. If you can’t love her for the artist that she is, she doesn’t need your love at all.

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