First of all, I’d like to thank my Neon Tribe who have stuck with me throughout this whole journey…we have grown together. You guys help me see the light in the darkest of times. I Live For You.

My family, who have all been supportive of me fleeing the nest to find my own

purpose on this earth.

Amy (Winehouse)…I learned so much from you, I love you eternally. See you on the other side, Sistah.

Thank you to all the asshole men who broke my heart. Had they been good for me, I may not have had as much inspiration.

Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses that saved my life during my breakdown while making this album, and over the years.

Nigel Bear…you’ve stuck with me the longest!! I love you furry much 🙂

“I will get this album out if it’s the last fucking thing I do.” – Stephanie Karten
THANK YOU Bonnie x (I’m Clyde) 😉

Allen Meme, sassy pants…no one can out sass you!

Big thank you to ‘The Daddies’, Amanda, and Kevin for all being my home and family here in America.

Thank you to Nick Jarjour, you always make me feel like a queen. Thank you Jason Parris, Stan Greene, Don “The Thrill” Collins, Johnny What, QB, Macgregor Leo, Jonah Christian, Dominique Sanders, Michael Angelo, Ki Fitzgerald, Ken Lewis and Brent Kolatalo, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Kobalt/AWAL Music Distribution for all making “Anarchy” possible!

Thank you Bear for being my badass drummer and always having my back! You’re the only other bear I love as much as Nigel 😉 Nemo, you are the only stylist I have trusted to dress me with my eyes closed! Your creativity blows my mind. Billy Bob I love you, you nutter! Collie Buddz, you’ve always inspired my music, I’m so glad our paths crossed. Calix and Liam, you’re both my lil’ Bruvs for life. Christopher Rockwell…where the hell are you?! Come back, I miss you and your MacGuyver coffee!

Last but not least, I thank The Universe!

….and Spice Girls, I have not forgotten about you 🙂